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  • Halloween Five Paintings Living Room Bedroom halloween decorations


    Materials: The selection of printer inks and materials is high quality. It is waterproof and fade resistant.
    Suitable for: A good gift for housewarming suitable for living room family room dining room bedroom kitchen etc.
    EASY TO HANG: Can be hung for room decoration each panel can be immediately hung on the wall with black hooks.
    Size: S: 10x15cm(2 pieces)+10x20cm(2 pieces)+10x25cm(1 piece)/3.9*5.9in*2+3.9*7.9in*2+3.9*9.8in*1.M: 20x35cm(2 pieces) 20x45cm(2 pieces)20x55cm(1 piece)/7.9*13.8IN*2+7.9*17.7IN*2+7.9*21.6IN*1.L:30x50cm(2 pieces)30x70cm(2 pieces)30x80cm(1 piece)/ 11.8*19.6IN*2+11.8*27.5IN*+11.8*31.5IN
    Note: If you have any questions you can contact us at any time.